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    Master Gardeners at the PG Farmers' Market

Project Leads Shirley Houser and Carolyn McMillan
Top left-Master Gardener Alexandra Wunderly
shares information about compost.
Above-Prince George Master Gardener display.
Bottom left-Master Gardener Interns Bernice
Stanley and Diane Cook.
The Master Gardeners are at the Farmers' Market
the second Saturday of each month.

                   RAISED BED HERB GARDEN

Master Gardeners Andrea Schneck and Earlene Hogg established a herb garden in one of the raised beds at the Extension Office.  Oregano, basil, thyme, scented geraniums, parsley, rosemary and lavender were planted in the bed.

Andrea prepares the raised bed for planting
by weeding and breaking up the soil. 
Earlene uses her favorite garden fork to turn the soil.
Earlene prepares for planting by arranging
the pots of herbs.
Andrea waters the newly planted herbs.  Most herbs perform nicely during dry conditions.  Planting
perennial herbs such as thyme, rosemary and lavendar will give the herb garden a head start next season and color during the cooler months.
Sweet (Genovese) basil (L) flourished in the summer heat and the flowers provided a wonderful place for pollinators.  On the right is a scented geranium.

Lavender, parsley and rosemary are pictured above.  The swallowtail butterfly larvae enjoyed the parsley.

                           PGMGA ANNUAL PICNIC 2009
The Prince George Master Gardeners held their annual picnic at Weston
Plantation in Hopewell.  Restoration and maintenance of the gardens is a PGMGA project lead by Mel West.  A brief business meeting, election, picnic and tour of the manor house and grounds were part of the evening's events. 

Outgoing President Mary Vinsh looks on as
Extension Agent Scott Reiter presents Master
Gardener Certificates to Willie Cuffee, Lynn
Pellman, Barbara Daniels and Anna Herb.
Scott Reiter listens intently as Master Gardener
Alexandra Wunderly describes a program she
and Master Gardeners Andrea Schneck and
Earlene Hogg presented to the first grade
classes at Harrison Elementary School.
Masrer Gardener Barbara Geer reads a tribute
to Master Gardener Marie Gay and presents
her with the honor of Emeritus status in her
Shirley Melkowitz on the lawn at Weston
Plantation overlooking the Appomattox River
gives a brief history of the plantation and
discusses future restoration plans.
Master Gardeners make preparations for a
special evening at Weston Plantation. (Pictured
are Mel West,Shirley Melkowitz, Willie Cuffee,
Bonnie Stefaniak, Mary Vinsh, Cheryl Sebera,
and Gloria Carter.)
Mel West, Barbara Geer and Scott Reiter
admire the bed of larkspur at Weston

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                         3rd Annual Spring Plant Sale 2009
May 16, 2009 PGMGA members and the community enjoyed perfect
weather for the plant sale.  Shoppers took advantage of the Plant Sale Clinic, booth on attracting butterflies hosted by Barbara Daniels and the
fabulous horticulture.  A new item featured for sale was combination
planters created by the Master Gardeners.  This was received especially well.  Each shopper was treated to a free daylily root of their choice.

Anna and George Herb, Andrea Schneck, and
Barbara Daniels take a break from readying
plants for the sale.
Mel West, Andrea Schneck and Earlene Hogg
explore Mel's gardens.

                                             FARM DAY 2009

2nd Grade students learn about live stock.  They
learned that horses do not brush their teeth.
Baby animals were the rage.  There were
baby bunnies, goats, sheep and calves.

                Richard Bland College Water Garden Pictures

 Master Gardeners Jacqueline Briedenbach and Alexandra Wunderly come prepared to work and enjoy the garden.                                                         Japanese style bridge at Richard Bland College Water Garden.  A Yoshino cherry tree is shown in the foreground with a Japanese maple to the left.                                                                   
Master Gardeners Alexandra Wunderly and
Earlene Hogg help identify the trees in the
water garden with labels displaying the
botanical names.
Bill Wamsley and Alexandra Wunderly
celebrate successfully labeling the first 
Yoshino cherry tree in the water garden. 

                           The 7th Annual Good Gardening Symposium

Enrich the Environment  --  Go Native

Symposium speakers; left to right Jim Pilversack, Denise Pilversack, Ruth Burch,Catharine Tucker and  Deirdre Roden.

Symposium audeince.

Master Gardeners Anna and George Herb and Lynn Pellman talk to speakers Denise and Jim Pilversack.


Extension Agent Scott Reiter and
Loretta Faulknier discuss plans
for plantings at the courthouse area.
Master Gardeners make recommendations
for low maintenance plants.

                                 2008 GREATER TOMATO CONTEST PICNIC

Mae Robertson presents certificate to
Mae Robertson recognizes youth winner.

                                        PLANT SALES 2008

Alexandra Wunderly and
Earlene Hogg.
Joyce Pritchard and Alexandra
Wunderly groom plants.
Alexandra Wunderly and
Earlene Hogg identifying plants
for the sale.
George and Anna Herb, Pete Ryan, Alexandra
Wunderly and Andrea Schneck pause for a
picture moment at the plant sale nursery.
Earlene Hogg and Joyce Pritchard present
a check to the Prince George Historic
Society from proceeds of the plant sale.