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It’s time to renew memberships in the Prince George Master Gardeners Association.  2016/2017 DUES NOW BEING ACCEPTED.
Once you have completed the Master Gardener Training Course and Internship; we invite you! 
What’s the difference between a Prince George Master Gardener and a Master Gardener Association Member?

Prince George Master Gardeners are volunteers who have completed the required Training Course by Virginia Cooperative Extension and are current with the hours required for certification.  Prince George Master Gardener Interns are required to volunteer 50 hours of service and are certified as Master Gardeners upon completion. Prince George Master Gardeners are volunteers who maintain their status by completing 8 hours of Continuing Education and 20 hours of volunteer service in support of the Prince George Master Gardener program.

Prince George Master Gardener Association members have taken the Training Course, completed their MG internship, are in good standing with reported hours, and pay $10.00 dues to join the association.   Dues for Interns certified by December 31st are $10.00.  Dues for Interns certified after January 1st are $5.00.

Being a Member of PGMGA provides you all of the below and more.

Members of the Association have a voice in the determining the activities of the association, can serve on the Executive Board, and can hold elective office.  The Association holds by monthly meetings 

The Association holds meetings that provide opportunities for Prince George Master Gardeners to fulfill the annual 8 hours of Continuing Education required for certification.

They provide funding for significant Master Gardener activities such as supporting the Prince George Library by assisting with funding for a Library Display Board monthly about gardening, purchasing gardening reference books and gardening magazine subscriptions.  Supplies are provided for Gardening Classes and Master Gardener topics at the Prince George Farmer’s Market. 

The Association awards Horticulture Scholarship(s) each year and makes donations to support the Good Gardening Symposium, Master Gardener demonstration projects such as Weston Plantation and the Richard Bland College Water Garden.

Members strive to foster esprit de corps among Master Gardeners through social activities and other opportunities to associate and work with people sharing similar interests.

Membership in the PGMGA is completely voluntary—you do not have to be a member to continue to be an active Master Gardener. However, to be a member of the PGMGA, you must first be an active Master Gardener. So, if you have not joined PGMGA, please consider becoming a member. And remember, attendance at all of the PGMGA events and programs counts toward your recertification hours.  If you have any questions about membership in the PGMGA, please feel free to contact any officer or member of our board.