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ST DENNIS CHAPEL - Project Leads - Shirley Houser and Carolyn McMillan

Work at St Dennis is planned for Thursdays 8:30am-10:30am
You will be notified via email if there is a change in day or time.

Prince George Master Gardeners have taken on a new project this past year.  Under the direction and with the help of Carolyn McMillan and Shirley Houser ,they are renovating the hidden garden at St. Dennis Chapel in Hopewell, VA.  Their work was recently recognized in the article below in the Progress Index. 

Prince George Master gardeners stepped back in time a few months ago, when much to their delight, they discovered St. Dennis Chapel.

The chapel, formerly known as the St. Dennis Navy Chapel, was built around 1887 by sailors stationed at City Point, when the United States located surplus ironclad ships in Hopewell. The chapel now serves as a museum which is owned and operated by the Historic Hopewell Foundation.

The hidden garden, at the rear of the chapel structure, is a quaint meditation garden where brick paths lead to flowering shrubbery, boxwoods, ground covers and two very old magnolia trees.

The decision to undertake this garden project led to a much needed cleanup and removal of damaged shrubs. Those who were involved with the project fell in love with the garden.

After a much weed pulling, pruning of shrubs, and raking bags and bags of fallen magnolia leaves, additional boxwoods, shrubs and flowering plants were added to the garden.

Approval from the Historic Hopewell Foundation, donations of funds, plant material and many hours of volunteer participation have resulted in a significant improvement for this continuing project.

Pictures are Jacqueline Shepperson, Bernice Stanley, Beth Saunders, David Harliss, Carolyn McMillan and Shirley Houser.

PLANT SALES  - Project Lead - Earlene Hogg

2014 SPRING PLANT SALE- Saturday, MAY 17, 2014
8:30 am - 12:30 pm
Prince George County Regional Heritage Museum
Click here to download a flyer.

Spring 2009 - Prince George Master Gardeners Andrea Schneck, George Herb, Earlene Hogg, Anna Herb and Alexandra Wunderly make final preparations for their Annual Spring Plant Sale Saturday, May 16.(pictured also is Sam frequent visitor to the plant sale nursery.) 

WESTON PLANTATION - Project Lead - Mel West

Weston Plantation was built along the Appomattox River in 1789 by William and Christian Eppes Gilliam.  The gardens at Weston Plantation are open to the public year round.  The gardens feature old boxwoods, flowering shrubs and a dye garden.  Many educational programs are offered to the public throughout the year.  Prince George Masters Gardeners Mel and Charlotte West are assisting in the restoration of the gardens to reflect the period this was a working plantation.  Visits to Williamsburg have been made to study horticulture for the gardens.  Mel and Charlotte are usually at the Weston Plantation on Tuesday mornings weather permitting.  They invite other Master Gardeners and Interns to join them in this exciting restoration.

Project Lead Mel West discusses landscaping
at Weston with Master Gardener Barbara Geer
and Extension Agent Scott Reiter.  Larkspur
bloom in the bed in the foreground.
Master Gardeners Barbara Daniels and Mary
Vinsh explore the treasures in the Gift Shop
at Weston Plantation.


The Prince George Master Gardeners work at the Richard Bland College Water Garden on Wednesdays weather permitting to assist in the maintenance and restoration of the water garden.  These gardens are open to the public throughout the year.  To assist in educating the public the Master Gardeners have labeled the trees surrounding the water garden with their common and botanical names.  The Master Gardeners are available to visitors to the gardens to answer questions and provide information on the horticulture in and around the area.  The hours the Prince George Master Gardeners are at the Richard Bland College Water Garden are : Memorial Day Week through Labor Day Week 9 am - 11 am and the Week after Labor Day through the week prior to Memorial Day 2 pm - 4 pm. If you have questions about this project please contact Earlene Hogg by email  at eghogg@hotmail.com.

If you have questions about this project please contact Earlene Hogg by email at eghogg@hotmail.com.